Broccoli, usually refers to the vegetable part that we often eat, its value has been well known, in recent years it becomes a regular dinner in many families. Because of many magical effects on human health, it is well received. Time magazine in the United States listed it as one of the top 10 healthy foods, and Japan's National Cancer Research Center released a 'anticancer vegetable list', broccoli is among the top. Sulforaphane was discovered in 1992 by Professor Paul Talalay at Johns Hopkins University. Sulforaphane is a powerful inducer of anti-cancer protective enzymes in the human body. It can rapidly enhance the activities of various detoxification enzymes and antioxidant enzymes in human body after entering human body, so as to enhance the detoxification ability and antioxidant capacity of human body.However, the content of sulforaphane in the broccoli florets is too small to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer. Although broccoli florets are easy to obtain and inexpensive, the content of sulforaphane in broccoli florets is too small to achieve the purpose of anti-cancer.